A typical (long) day

My boss asked about the expense report, again.

The vet called about the dog. Again.

My son lost his backpack. Again.

My car is acting up. Yet again.

And when I get home, what do I find? Two of the exact same postcards from a pool company. Again.

And I don’t even have a pool.


An accurate and targeted data list is critical for any successful mailing. Since it’s comprised of potential and /or current customers, the list needs to be free of errors and directed to the people who are most likely to purchase what you’re selling. Whether a client supplies the list or we’re providing it for them, our data group always runs the data list through a rigorous cleansing process to ensure it’s as accurate as possible. Additionally, they identify potential postage savings opportunities that can reduce the overall cost of a mailing.

Our sales professionals and account managers work closely with customers to create a picture of their ideal customer using demographic information the client has gathered in order to identify other “look alike” people they can target for new business.

Elevate Your Marketing Results
Tri-Win provides the tools, expertise, and industry know-how to deliver effective direct mail solutions designed to boost your response rate.

Who are your next customers?
Our team of data analysts uncovers trends within your current client list to help you find more people just like them.

From our door to theirs–on budget
The more money you spend on direct mail marketing, the less you get to keep for your business. From printing to postage, we have the expertise to help you keep your costs low and quality high.

Follow that mail truck
The mail goes out. The calls come in. We can help you develop simple tracking techniques designed to measure ROI.


  1. Start with a great list
    A strong mailing list is vital to the success of any direct mail campaign. It lets you pinpoint the kind of person or business that’s most likely to buy from you. Building a good list requires a marketer to be pro-active. There are three primary categories that comprise the foundation of effective lists.
  1. Existing Customers: These are your tried and true target audience comprised of people who’ve previously purchased from you, so stay in touch and keep offers in front of them and they’re likely to purchase again.
  2. Prospective Customers: These are people who have responded in some way and shown interest in your product or service but haven’t purchased yet. The right offer can persuade them to buy.
  3. Targeted Customers: These are people who, based on demographic similarities to your existing customer base, would potentially be interested in your offering but may not be aware of you yet.


  1. Keep it clean
    To reduce unnecessary costs and improve results from your direct mail campaign, keep your list constantly updated. Mailing duplicate pieces to a home or sending an offer to someone who no longer resides at an address, can add up quickly when to cost of printing and postage are taken into account. This can be avoided by regularly updating mailing list.


  1. Identify purchasing patterns
    Use current customer data to your advantage. By analyzing data that provides insight into your customers’ purchases and the frequency with which they buy, you can develop new strategies and offers to test for additional incremental sales opportunities. Used correctly, this data can lead to more business with current clients and also allow you to identify potential new customers who demonstrate the same buying patterns as your existing customers.


  1. Get personal
    It’s no secret that people like to see their name in print. Modern printing techniques enable marketers to incorporate not only names but other pertinent information about a recipient into the content of a mail piece. Personalized messaging typically has a positive effect on response rate. It’s even possible to incorporate personal information gleaned from each recipient’s individual data into the artwork of 4-color mailers using Variable Data Print (VDP). Using this technology, graphics and text can be individually tailored to your audience.


Expert Data Management

Whether you need to refine your existing list with data maintenance and database design, or create a new list, we can help. Our expert team is skilled at identifying and creating targeted lists based on demographic, geographic, and other specific information.

We specialize in deleting duplicate addresses, presorting, and CASS certification, as well as running your list through the National Change of Address database. All of our data is up to date, so the information we provide you is always current.

Learn more about our data management expertise—and let us help you create a successful direct mail marketing campaign.