Direct mail campaigns are a powerful resource for any business. Not only are they highly targeted, measurable and flexible, they are also easy to personalize and cost effective. The tips below will help you get your direct mail campaign on the right track for a great return on your investment.

1. Research Your Target Market – Knowing who you are selling to is one of the most critical steps in direct mail advertising. Since your research shapes the rest of your decisions, it’s important to understand your target market from the start. Research tools such as data lists are useful at helping you make better decision.

2. Remember Important Components – Every direct marketing message needs to have three basic elements: an offer, reduced risk, and a clear call to action. If you aren’t offering something, the likelihood that people will respond to your piece is very low. Another important component of a successful direct mail piece is offering reduced risk to recipients. Whether that means a money-back guarantee, a free trial or reduced cost, reducing the risk will increase conversions. The last component is a direct call to action. Your direct mail piece should offer a clear call to action and provide multiple ways for recipients to respond to your offer.

3. Use Your Printing Company’s Mailing Service – This will help you to save time and money because your advertisements will go from the press to the mail. Printers also utilize bulk mail rates, which will cut your mailing costs.

4. Test your Advertisements – Use a short run first and keep track of how many people contact you and actually make a purchase. If you’re not getting the results you expected study your direct mail piece for possible weaknesses and make changes as needed. This will save you a lot of money in the long run so remember to keep testing as your campaign can always be made stronger.

5. Remember to Follow Up – An appropriate follow up with an important customer can be the extra little nudge they need to choose your company over a competitor. Use a phone call or personal note to help sway their decisions.

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