I’ve decided to surprise my family at my sister’s birthday party in Los Angeles. I head to the airport and visit the ticket counter. I’m shocked at the price of a single round-trip ticket. If only I’d planned better.

It’s not the norm to make pricey decisions on the fly. We research. We plan. We take the most advantageous route. None of us would book a flight without the help of a fare finder, travel specialist, or doing homework. When it comes to your direct mail marketing campaign, the same logic should follow suit.

Postage is one of the most expensive, complex variables of any direct mail campaign, but what most people don’t know is that they have options for cost savings that don’t affect the delivery date. There are specific rates tied to where your mailers enter the mail stream… all the way down to granular details, such as the number of glue dots you need to match the new postal regulations.

We help clients navigate the confusing rules and regulations of the U.S. Postal Service, and save them time and money.


Elevate Your Marketing Results
Tri-Win provides the tools, expertise, and industry know-how to deliver effective direct mail solutions designed to boost your response rate.

Who are your next customers?
Our data analysts uncover similarities within your existing client list to help you find more people like them.

From our door to theirs-on budget
The more money you spend on direct mail marketing, the less you get to keep for your business. From printing to postage, we have the expertise to help you keep your costs low and quality high.

Follow that mail truck
The mail goes out. The calls come in. We can help you develop simple tracking techniques designed to measure ROI.


  1. The difference makers
    Knowledge is power and ignorance is expensive. At Tri-Win, we are the difference makers: experts who look out for your best interests. Printing and mailing can be expensive and you want to get the best results for the cheapest price. We guide you through the USPS book of rules and regulations so you can make the best decisions. Remember, the size, weight, and delivery time of your mail has a cost.
    Our experts will assist you in navigating the print, mail, and postal maze to get your direct mail pieces into your customer’s hands in the most cost (and time) effective method.


  1. Don’t take a knife to a gun fight
    Time is money, and we help you save both. We have some of the largest, fastest, highest-quality direct mail machines in the business. You can have the biggest guns on the field but if you put a novice at the trigger, they may as well be holding a BB gun. Someone who understands the best fit for your job is critical. No one knows our machines and their capacities better than we do. We don’t lease them, we own them, which means that you don’t have to pay to service our nonexistent debt.


  1. How to shave a stamp
    There are many roads that lead to any destination and mail is no exception to that rule. When you write a letter to your sister in Boston, you seal the envelope, slap on a stamp, drop it in the closest mailbox and don’t think any more of it. The postal system works so well, that most people never put any real thought into how many options actually exist.
    But when it comes to direct mail, you absolutely must take time to consider your options. While each piece of mail in your campaign may only cost a few cents, in aggregate, the cost is a big one. Postage is one of the biggest cost savings opportunities available with direct mail, but how do you shave a stamp? A stamp is a stamp, right? Wrong!

Your Tri-Win team analyzes every option to determine what postage method is the most cost effective for you. Here are a few ways we do it:

  • Tri-Win is a USPS Certified Copal provider with trucks running to Chicago weekly to keep your postage costs low.
  • We have on-site software that allows us to analyze your list to maximize your postage and logistics savings.
  • Tri-Win has commingle services running daily, allowing us another avenue to find you the best potage.
  • Our staff of account managers, including a full time logistics/postage savings expert, is trained to use systems we put in place to seek out postage savings opportunities for you.
  • Tri-Win has a USPS clerk on site accepting mail so that your job gets into the USPS mail stream as efficiently as possible.
  • We possess the ability to drop your mail anywhere in the entire country, helping you get on time delivery and the best postal rate available.


If your mail is delivering anywhere in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, or New Mexico, entering your job through the Dallas National Distribution Center (NDC) can save you up to 4 cents per piece, when compared to entering mail from other cities that don’t have a USPS NDC. This makes Dallas an advantageous entry point.


  1. Size matters
    Would you have guessed a ¼ of an inch could cost you $10,000 dollars? This is a lesson many people learn the hard way, but not if they work with us. We recently had this situation occur with a client who wanted to send out a brochure mailing. The client was having their brochures shipped to us for mailing and after pulling a sample of a brochure our account manager discovered that a significantly lower postage rate could be obtained if it was ¼” smaller in total size.
    With the client’s approval, he had the brochures trimmed down and lowered their postage rate category from a “Flat” to a “Letter” which saved them thousands of dollars in postage!A ¼” doesn’t seem like much but it can save (or cost) a lot of money in the direct mail world.By consulting with us on the front end, we can help ensure your direct mail pieces are designed within the postal requirements to allow the biggest bang for your money!


  1. Keep it clean
    On a quarterly basis, Tri-Win receives a master list from the USPS of all valid addresses in the entire United States. Urban landscapes change all the time, people move, buildings are torn down and new homes are constructed. For example, before a new football stadium was built in Texas, homes were standing where the 50 yard line is now. Having a continuously updated master list from the USPS enables us to keep our clients from sending mail to invalid addresses. In addition, our data services team automatically removes duplicate addresses, saving you money. If you need assistance obtaining a list, we’ll work closely with you to develop and provide a targeted list for one-time or multiple uses.

How can we help you save money and get the most out of your direct mail marketing campaign? Call us today.