How do you effectively reach customers and prospects?

I received a postcard in the mail for a discount at my favorite clothing store. As if I needed an excuse to visit again! Even though I vowed to wait for another shopping spree, this special deal can’t be missed! 

How do you know if your direct mail campaign is working? After all, what works for one customer base may or may not work for another. Or, maybe two unique strategies work with equal effect, but one costs less than the other. Identifying the best ways to reach an audience requires a diligent dedication to testing and tracking results. The team at Tri-Win is skilled at helping clients test and track various strategies to identify the best ways to effectively reach customers and prospects.


Elevate Your Marketing Results
Tri-Win provides the tools, expertise, and industry know-how to deliver effective direct mail solutions designed to boost your response rate.

Who are your next customers?
Our team of data analysts uncovers trends within your current client list to help you find more people just like them.

From our door to theirs–on budget
The more money you spend on direct mail marketing, the less you get to keep for your business. From printing to postage, we have the expertise to help you keep your costs low and quality high.

Follow that mail truck
The mail goes out. The calls come in. We can help you develop simple tracking techniques designed to measure ROI.


  1. The list
    Your mailing list is a major determinant on whether or not your direct mail marketing campaign will be a success. Determining who wants and needs the products and services you’re selling is crucial. Marketing to the wrong audience is a waste of time and money so identifying the demographic traits of your best customers is essential. Simply put, elements such as age, gender, income, education, etc., that help you identify who your potential customers are by comparing similarities to your current customers and reaching out to them with your offer. We help you test the performance of your house list and make recommendations to define the recipients who are most likely to provide the greatest response rate.


  1. The offer
    It’s an advantageous strategy to include a special offer to sweeten the deal. People like to save money and feel they are getting a great deal on quality… and they also like free things. The best way to know what type of deal gets the best response is to test multiple offers. Tri-Win can help you test discounts, exclusive sales, free gifts, etc. Once you know what type of offer your audience best responds to, you have the information you need to formulate your next campaign.


  1. The creative
    It’s been said, “If you can capture an eye, you can open a mind.” Getting an audience’s attention is vital to direct mail success. This is where creative copy and design play a crucial role. The more you know about your potential buyer, the more effectively you can capture their eye. You have to use the information you know about your audience and try different approaches to motivate their response. If you aren’t testing your mailer you might be leaving money on the table. Direct marketers all have stories about how changing a single word in their messaging had dramatic results in the response. Details matter so change the images, layout and copy then let the response rate be your guide.


  1. Define your desired results
    Before you create or mail a single direct mail piece, you need to know what you hope to accomplish. A good rule of thumb is, begin with the end in mind. Do you want to increase traffic to your website? Do you want your phone to ring off the hook? You can’t measure results, if your goals are undefined. So, what is the result you want? Establish exactly what it is that you seek from your direct mail campaign, and set benchmarks to measure its success.


  1. What’s the winning play?
    Now that you know what to test, and the results you’re seeking from the direct mail campaign, you need to put metrics in place to track results. Tracking results can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be as long as you know exactly how the different variables affect your response. These may include different messaging, images, formats or offers—whatever you determine. You can use unique phone numbers, redemption codes or landing pages for each campaign. The end goal is to determine which version receives the greatest response.


  1. It needs a bit more salt
    Identify which combinations are successful, and which ones are not. If you’re receiving the results you desired (see #4), then move forward with the same strategy on the next direct mail campaign. However, it’s important to constantly be testing for improved results.



Testing Expertise
The experts at Tri-Win help clients identify testing methods so they can realize the greatest return on their direct mail campaign. Speak to one of our sales professionals today to learn more.