Grab their attention

The first thing I do when I get home is sort through the mail. There are only two options for each piece: Recycle bin or Keep pile.

If you can capture someone’s attention, you can share a message. People pay attention to (and keep) mail that interests them. Typically, a marketer has about three seconds to gain their interested. How will you use every tool available to influence that decision?

Contrast, curiosity and familiarity all catch a reader’s attention. A well placed message or offer can peek the reader’s interest. Interesting images, intriguing design and succinct messaging influence the decision to toss into file 13 or keep for further consideration and /or action. 


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  1. Attention-getting design
    A consumer spends an average of three seconds deciding if they will read a mailing or disregard it. Catch their attention and you have a chance to persuade them to act. If you miss that window, your mail will end up in the recycling bin. The most effective way to ensure your mail is read is to keep it visually interesting. Use every tool is your disposal; format, graphics, color and copy with purpose. Well-developed design paired with concise content and a compelling offer can make those three seconds work for you.


  1. Weird sells
    Keep it different. The best mail campaigns do something unexpected, and there are many ways to make sure your mail stands out. Use of unusual layout, bright colors, fun phrasing, and interesting images can really make the difference! If your mail looks like everything else in the mailbox, it will be treated like it.


  1. Use imagery for impact
    People give more attention to statements that are accompanied by images. This doesn’t mean any picture can add credibility to any statement. The image must create a connection in the readers’ mind in order to lend authenticity to the content to which it’s adjacent. Tossing a picture of a clown on a service reminder for an auto shop falls short of reinforcing the message. However, using a picture of a rainforest on a mailer soliciting donations for environmental conservation will add credibility to that cause.


  1. Fonts
    The most effective way to add text to your mail is to stick to the adage, “less is more.” Start by limiting your fonts. One or two fonts along with your logo are all you need to get the message across. Use of many fonts comes across cluttered and often makes the copy difficult to read. Another rule to keep in mind, while graphic fonts may be interesting, they can add to visual confusion and diminish your message so keep them at bay.


  1. Give them space
    White space is an effective way to direct a reader where you want them to look. This is a basic design principle that bodes well in direct mail layout. If you’ve ever been in a frame shop, you might have noticed that none of the framed images ran all the way to the frame. There are always a few inches of space between the image and the frame. It’s the “white space” that makes the image stand out. The same principle applies in direct mail. Covering every inch of your mailer with text or graphics creates a visual treasure hunt that few readers will invest in seeking. Strategic white space is like a spotlight shining on exactly what you want your prospect to see.


  1. Burn in the brand
    Bigger isn’t always better. The dominant element of your mailer needs to be the message and offer. Images are used to draw attention to and connect the reader with the offer. All other content is secondary and should be designed and positioned to provide next steps for responding to the offer. However, never lose sight of the importance of your brand. Make sure every piece of mail you send out incorporates your brand standards, from logo position to color palette.


  1. It’s all about me
    People are more likely to respond to your offer if you take a personalized approach. By using the information you have in your data base such as name, gender, education, interests, etc. to personalize your messaging with variable data fields within your copy, you’re tapping into a natural selling advantage. The more customization to your audience you put into developing your mailer, the more likely a prospect will respond.


Design expertise
Learn more about the ways our design team can help you create attention-grabbing direct mail. We assist with concept, layout, design, image selection, and more. It’s been said, “If you can capture an eye, you can open a mind.” We believe this is especially true in direct mail marketing and we look forward to an opportunity to show you the many ways it can work for you!