Use Tri-Win postcard mailing services to recruit new customers and give your business more exposure. Purchase a targeted market mailing list from us to get your name in front of your most-likely customers.  We can design, print and mail your postcards creatively, quickly and on the cheap.
If you have any questions about postcard mailing services, contact our knowledgeable customer service personnel, who can walk you through the postcard mailing process from start to finish.

Postcards are an effective and affordable tool to grow your business. Postage is minimal, and response rate high.
Tri-Win produces high quality, full color postcards with a high-gloss UV coating. We can design, print, address and mail your cards while you finish your marathon conference calls with the CEO.
With top notch quality, low prices, and nothing mediocre – save time and money by bringing your postcard job to Tri-Win. Enjoy the response rates of an effective, and eye catching postcard.  Benefit from our experts in mailings lists, and our in-house USPS clerk.

As we know, “direct response” mail is easily measurable.  People either respond, or they don’t respond.  They are “in” or “out” on your offer to reply.   Direct mail doesn’t rely on brand awareness estimates or name recognition to boast success.

However,  keep in mind the key underlying factor:  A successful response returns a profit. So don’t chest bump your CEO for a 3% return, when you need a 4% to make a profit.  Conversely, there is no shame in a 2% response if 1.5% adds to your bottom line.

Remember to measure your direct mail success by it’s effect on YOUR bank, rather than your phone bank.


Tri-Win offers everything you need – from start to finish – to make your direct mail campaign a success.

We will provide mailing lists, campaign design, printing, data processing, ink-jetting and quality control.  From snap packs to postcards, we have the expertise to make your direct mail campaign successful. We want to ensure that you have the most cost-efficient, compelling marketing tool at your fingertips.

AT Tri-Win Direct Mail, timely and accurate mailing mean success.

For direct mail marketing to succeed, you need to get the right type of mailer for your product, the  product or service to the right person, at the right time at the best price!
Tri-Win Direct Print and Mail  has decades of experience and the latest technology to manage your direct mail projects quickly, accurately, and economically.

Whether it’s 5,000 pieces or 5,000,000 pieces, we have what you need:

Don’t let  your monthly, or quarterly statements bog you down!

Tri-Win Direct Mail Services successfully prints, addresses and mails millions of statements every year.  Let us take the burden of sending out your statements.  We can efficiently print and address your statements;  we’ll even show you how to save on postage.

Snap pack mailing is a very efficient way to send your statements.

Give us the opportunity to save you money with those!  Our Direct Mail Services are second to none.  Call for a quote today!

So, you are sending out a direct mail piece, and want to increase your response?

Try any of these helpful tips:

Mail a bulky or soft sided package, that obviously has a mysterious enclosure.  It begs to be opened. Bulky enclosures like pen-and-pad mailings drew double the response of flat enclosures of equal perceived value, so they say.

Put a yellow sticker on the envelope: With such saying as – Review sample…… Submitted to … Your help is needed and will be greatly appreciated.

Include a sample. Firms have sent actual roof tiles. Carpet tiles. Industrial absorbent cloths

Contact Tri-Win Direct Mail Services for more ideas on what’s effective in your industry.

In a difficult economy, museums have a hard enough time raising money. Of course, for museums that have not yet opened, they face an even bigger challenge: inspiring people to become members BEFORE the grand opening.

That’s exactly the story with the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture, which is slated to open in 2015.

Even before its 2012 groundbreaking, the museum has relied on direct mail services to acquire charter members. The latest control effort has been in the mail for the last year and it focuses on “remarkable stories” of the African American experience, while appealing to “everyone who calls themselves an American.”


Bring us your tired mailers, your poor response rate, your bundled masses of direct mail yearning to be seen.

It’s easy-sailing with the beacon of Tri-Win Direct Mail Services lighting the way.  Give your direct mail pieces freedom from failing marketing strategies,  and expedite them safely to their new home – your target market.

Happy Flag Day from Tri-Win Direct Mail.

Tri-win will take you STRAIGHT through all the direct mail services – everything from choosing the best mailing list, to logistical strategies for postage savings.

Tri-Win Direct excels at these “end points,” and every point on the direct mail continuum.  Get your mailer from here to there by utilizing the expert Tri-Win team.  Design, print and mail your best campaign ever, and in the most direct route!