Tri-Win is your complete direct mail solution.  Join the multitude of companies who depend on us to prepare their direct mail campaigns, improve deliverability, reduce postage costs and improve response rates.

We have it all – from innovative data software, high volume digital printers, to an on-site USPS clerk.  Your direct mail project is well cared for.

Everyday Tri-Win helps their clients navigate direct mail projects. With state-of-the-art print capabilities, and variable data services designed to increase your client base, Tri-Win’s print and mail services are top of the line.  Boost the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns with our expertise.


Tri-Win Direct Mail successfully mails high volume jobs, worldwide.

Whether statements or advertising; Tri-Win will walk your job through from start to finish.

We care about your work, and have the experienced and dedicated staff to provide expert service.

Don’t let the complicated postage rules and regulations bog you down.

Tri-Win Direct Mail has a working knowledge of postal logistics that will save you money!

We can print, address, insert and presort your direct mail piece before you’ve had your first cuppa joe!

Why worry if you are utilizing your postage dollars to the best of your ability.  We are your Dallas Mailing experts!


Rely on Tri-Win for your printing and mailing needs.

We provide  fast, accurate, and affordable in-house printing – coupled with postage rates that can’t be beat!

Any of our Account Managers can help you with your target market, design, and mailing strategy from  start to finish.  Don’t be overwhelmed by too many decisions!  We will simplify the process for your success.



Direct Mail is an effective and efficient way to build your clientele.  Whether your clients are in Dallas, nationwide, or global,  contact the direct mail experts at Tri-Win Mailing Services to decide which format works best for your target market.

Direct mail advertising also works to build customer loyalty. Research shows that 68% of customers that leave a company do so because the “company never contacted them; was indifferent, or had a poor attitude.”

So, once you have established your customer base, don’t forget to stay in touch!   Let your customers know they are important by sending a personalized note using the variable data printing process.  We will show you how to make the best impact for your dollar.

Let us help you build and maintain your customers with mailing services at Tri-win.      

Let Tri-Win manage your direct mail project.  We will produce your mailer from start to finish, so you can do what you do best – run YOUR company!  No need to worry about how to get the best design or postage rate; we will do that for you in the most effective, and cost efficient way.

We are a full service, direct mail company, with all the knowledge and skills to produce and mail your marketing campaign.  Our in-house designers, unparalleled production staff, and postal experts will provide a turn key solution for your next direct mail piece!


How can you use these elements of a Direct Mail piece to increase your customer base?

DESIGN your job to attract attention, or have Tri-Win design it for you!  Allow our in-house designer to apply his direct mail expertise to your job. We know what works for your industry and target market!

Rely on the LIST PURCHASE experts at Tri-Win to merge, purge and even concentrate your list for maximum response.

PRINT full color, or black on white to attract your target audience.  Our direct mail pieces are printed on state of the art machines for a beautiful finished product.







Trying to increase your customer base?  Use one of the most effective tools in marketing available: direct mail!  Create a clear and concise mailer, and your recipient will have no problem understanding your message.

Keeping your message short and sweet will make your piece easy to read and follow. The best way to begin your relationship is to educate them in a way that encourages people to trust you and your knowledge.

The information you provide needs to be factual but still interesting. So let Tri-Win create a direct mail piece that will stand out above all the rest.

Your well placed direct mail piece gives you a chance to interact, close the initial first sale, and make a new customer .

How can you get Personalization with Direct Mail?
Personalization, also known as Variable Data, utilizes personal information for portions of the direct mail piece.  So, each recipient receives a unique and personal  invitation from you.

By  appealing to your targeted market as individuals, you can increase the response to your mailer.  Make the most of your direct mail’s ability to deliver a mass audience message in a way that feels private and confidential.