The success of any direct mail marketing effort often hinges on the quality of the mailing list.

You may have the best product available, but much of your direct mail efforts will be wasted if your potential clients aren’t seeing your marketing piece. Tri-Win Direct Mail can provide high response with our expert knowledge of acquiring and utilizing direct mail lists.

Based on our constantly updated informaiton, we can assure you reach your ideal market.  And, by concentrating your efforts to your specific demographic, we can maximize your postage savings.

Tri-Win provides an unparalleled source of specialty and compiled mailing lists.

A Snap Pack mailer that looks extremely important and official will demand attention from your clients.

Create your mailers to resemble an official government announcement. The copy in successful Snap Packs may also mimick a telegraph – with short sentences and info in the form of news or an important, urgent announcement.

The printed snap pack mailers utilize duplex imaging which can include details specific to the addressee. Their name, address,  mortgage loan number, account number, or other personal specific data can be listed by way of  variable data printing. 

These mailers were once used by the IRS for Uncle Sam’s refund checks! So, you’re in good company, when you expect your snap pack mailer to be opened.

Tri-Win Direct Mail will ensure your Snap Pack mailers demand attention!


Looking for a direct mail piece with great response?

Tri-Win Snap Packs are pressure-seal mailers that generate extremely high response rates.  Also, personal  information detailed on the snap pack letter demands immediate attention from the reader.

“Keep it simple!”  Official looking Snap Packs work well to drive response.





Nail down your direct mail campaign with a snap pack mailer.  These cost effective direct mail pieces are more likely to be opened and are postal friendly.  Tri-Win can print your snap pack in official-looking black ink, or an eye-catching full color. These are a  great addition to your marketing toolbox.

Here at Tri-Win Direct Mail , we are preparing to move to our new digs!  Come tour our new facility at 4301 Simonton, Dallas, TX 75244. Current customers, don’t fret!  We are only 5 minutes South of our current location. The same great direct mail service, with a brand new look!

When your company is deciding who to contact for direct mail, choose Tri-Win mailing services in Dallas, TX.  Our services are available online, or contact our knowledgeable sales people and account managers.  Tri-Win offers turn key services, for your direct mail campaign.