The digital age is all about faster, better, more ubiquitous communication so you can reach more customers and gain market share. Across any channel you’re using to advertise, market, and tell your business story, one rule rings true: You won’t gain a thing if your message isn’t received. If you’re using online ads to reach customers and prospects, you will undoubtedly be surprised to learn that more than half of all Internet display ads are never seen at all, according to Google. In the article, “56% of Digital Ads Served Are Never Seen, Says Google,” published at, Google reports that these ads don’t show up in the browser’s viewable area, and that means more than half of all businesses paying for the space are getting zero ROI.

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In our super high-tech, social media obsessed world, some marketers think in terms of snazzy instead of sound. What we mean is that while there’s a distinct need to communicate marketing messages in innovative ways—social media posts, online platforms, email blasts, digital advertisements, etc.— there’s also a strong need to talk to customers in a personalized, interesting, 3D kind of way. This is where direct mail comes in.

Direct mail can be highly targeted, precisely customized, and personalized. This communication tool can take on infinite forms, sizes, and shapes. You can manipulate the feel of the paper with texture, and even add aromas, too. With the right design and copy, direct mail makes an impact and impression that drives business and the bottom line.

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No doubt you’ve received your share of postcards from politicians and political organizations vying for support. And while campaign fundraising may seem to largely take place at fancy galas and online sites, direct mail marketing is an effective way to facilitate donations and boost the overall success of a candidate’s campaign. As this post at points out, direct mail is the “easiest and most frequently used form of advertising” when it comes political moves, from introducing a candidate to campaigning for votes. Case in point: Politico says politicians have spent more than $150 million in direct mail marketing so far in 2014 (including postage and printing costs)—and the year isn’t over.

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Snap pack mailers are one of the most prolific and effective types of direct mail ever–in the history of the direct mail industry. You may not know them by name, but you know them by experience. These pieces are pressure sealed and perforated on three sides for quick and easy opening. Often they look official or important, and they get a near 100 percent open rate because curiosity—and possibility of finding something valuable inside—is always just a quick tear away. In marketing, there are no guarantees, unless you’re referring to the open rate of snap packs. By most industry expert accounts, snap packs are almost universally opened.


The benefits of Snap Packs

The messaging in a snap pack is short, candid and gets right to the point. This format typically doesn’t call for intricate design or heavy aesthetics because it’s the format itself that generates interest. Snap packs are also a perfect format for variable printing. They’re used regularly for communications such as account statements, warranties, credit card offers, dividend checks, delivery notices, medical statements, refinance offers, and even year-end 1099 forms.

Have you received a snap pack mailer lately?

Snap pack mailers have become such a popular, cost-effective form of direct mail marketing that Tri-Win launched Snap Pack Mailing, a division dedicated to creating, printing, processing, and mailing via this unique format. Our clients get all of the consistent benefits as they would with Tri-Win direct mail services—data modeling, postal optimization, creative, production, etc.—and have their own dedicated account manager to assist with every snap pack  mail campaign.

Let us know how we can assist you with snap pack mailing. You’ll see what we mean when we call it “marketing’s sure thing.”

Modern marketing embodies the best of many channels, from print to broadcast. In a recent report sponsored by Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and consultant Winterberry Group, (which you can read more about here,) the researchers corroborated the fact that marketing professionals believe in the power of having an omnichannel approach to reaching customers and prospects. And, as all of us at Tri-Win already know, direct mail is an integral, effective, component of the overall strategy. Direct mail can serve as an introduction, drive online traffic, or facilitate a storefront activity by offering coupons, special offers, or timely information.

The effectiveness of direct mail has long been studied, and although new technology calls its relevance into question from time to time, its place as a marketing tool is always validated. For example, in an article called “Print’s Not Dead: Print Marketing Will Thrive in 2014 and Beyond,” the reporter explains that nearly half of all retail advertising dollars spent last year were for direct mail campaigns. What will the figure be for 2014? If the way marketing trends have shifted are any indication, the reliance on direct mail marketing will remain steady.

So why is it that, in the midst of all of the high-tech, super cool advertising and marketing tools, direct mail is still so popular? As the “Print” article points out, one of the key reasons is because direct mail offers the ability for marketers to customize the message. With variable printing, clients can reach their customers and prospects with a personal flair that begins with name and ends wherever the imagination can go. When a consumer is researching a new provider, vendor, or business, those little touches can go a long way to converting a prospect into a client.

Direct mail is also an effective channel for cross marketing. Providing relevant ancillary information by driving traffic online with an augmented reality app such as Arasma, is another way to hook a client, foster loyalty, and, at the same time, look really cool.

Direct mail by be old school, but it’s got a new cool.

If you ever wonder how effective, impactful, and important print marketing is, consider the fact that, according to expert research, 79 percent of consumers pay attention to direct mail. Printed pieces have a value proposition that can’t be touched by digital messaging: they are tangible assets. According to this article, 80 percent of all printed mail is opened—more than four times as often as email messages, which have an open rate of about 20 percent.  Year after year, print marketing has proven to be one of the most effective ways to reach a target audience.

Proponents of the “digital only” strategy may say that print marketing is outdated, isn’t environmentally friendly, or lacks the cool factor. (These critics obviously haven’t seen our recent “Super Hero” campaign!) Print marketing can be cutting edge, avant garde, and impactful with the right messaging, creative elements, and print strategy. And while the green angle is an easy target for critics, it’s important to remember that most print shops, like Tri-Win Direct, employ sustainable practices. According to Print Is Big, 70 percent of all direct mail is printed on recycled paper. The site also quotes the fact that “Forestry is the most sustainable of all new energy and materials industries.” This means that our forests can be regenerated year after year.

For most organizations, one marketing channel doesn’t always achieve every business objective or reach every prospect. This is why a multi-channel approach is often the most advantageous. But even in the fast-paced digital landscape, direct mail marketing has a substantial reach and impact. And no matter how many new online technologies catch on, or how many Websites and apps are available to reach clients and consumers, people like the hands-on experience of direct mail. Modern marketing leverages the power of social media and online strategies, but to make a lasting impression, remember that print marketing is here to stay.


Direct mail marketing was responsible for more than $2 trillion in sales in 2012, which translated into a whopping 8.7 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product, according to the CMO Council. The same source reports that a majority of people prefer direct mail over email for local business and bank marketing.

While there’s no denying the power, convenience, and creativity of direct mail marketing, there’s also another piece to the equation: leveraging even greater ROI from your direct mail campaign. The key lies in curbing postage costs.

As postage rates continue to climb in response to the U.S. Postal Service’s fight to operate in the black (read more here), businesses using direct mail marketing have to be smart about reining in costs associated with getting the mailers from point A to point B. It has become incumbent upon the direct mail partner to help you mitigate expenses, which most often can be accomplished by analyzing your mailing lists and postal delivery methods.

Tri-Win Direct works side-by-side with clients to see where there are opportunities to save on the variables related to postage. From the method we use to ship your direct mail, to the way we screen and scrub mailing lists to identify duplicates and correct mistakes, we have several stopgaps in place that are designed to save time and money. The result is a more streamlined direct mail marketing campaign that still reaches your target audience on time, just in a way that’s friendlier to your ROI.

If you ask the question, “Who’s going to help me curb postage costs?” you’ll get an enthusiastic show of hands from Tri-Win. That’s because we’re driven to help customers realize the greatest ROI possible. It’s the way we do business.

Any time a business has the opportunity to show a prospective customer the ways in which it offers value, it should. If you don’t tell customers and prospects why they need your product and service—in other words, if you don’t boldly shout about why your business matters—you’re leaving incredible opportunity on the table. Direct mail is a cost-efficient way to achieve the goal, but it requires a savvy, creative approach to messaging. In the article, “11 Direct Mail Marketing Secrets,” successful small business owners sounded off on the ways you can leverage the power of direct mail. Several of the tips are tactical (mail something lumpy to pique curiosity; include product samples) but there are two strategies we wanted to spotlight. One is to “Open with a Proposition,” which means telling the reader exactly why your business brings value to his or her life or company.

Let’s use Tri-Win as an example. We recently embarked on our direct marketing campaign. Throughout all of the messaging, we explained what we did for the customers. Not just the obvious, “we offer direct mail and printing services,” but rather things that speak to our innate value, such as:

  • we analyze your mailing lists to determine if you could leverage postage savings you may not realize exist (help to save client money they didn’t realize could exist)
  • we tell you if you’re already receiving the best postage rates possible (help the client feel confident in their current vendor)
  • we look at delivery methods to see if we can save you money (another value-add to help clients save money)

We tell our customers upfront that there’s more to us than direct mail marketing. Direct mail marketing is the business result, but how we help companies get there is our value proposition.

Another strategic piece of advice from the article is number nine: “Provide Value.” This means making the direct mail campaign count. Direct mail marketing is successful when the message is clear, concise, and creative. Find a way to demonstrate that your company is worth the customer’s time. Getting a customer’s attention is half the battle, so provide interesting images, compelling messaging, and innovative design. And don’t be shy–shout about your company’s value. When you do, you’re positioned to achieve great results.



For Tri-Win, simply meeting customer’s expectations is like making a C on the report card. To get that well-earned A, we go all out, delivering service and value with each and every mailing and customer interaction. We’re a team of dedicated professionals who know the regulations and compliances related to direct mail, strategies for saving on postage, and creative ways to make sure your message is heard.

Our way of doing business starts with listening. Understanding your goals helps us create a solution tailored to meet your needs. We keep the communication channels open and leverage our deep knowledge to ensure you’re empowered to make the best decisions possible on everything from paper to postage.

It’s our customer service promise to you.

Even when a project proves to be challenging, the quick-thinking Tri-Win staff consistently puts forth the extra effort to get it right. To us, that’s A+ service.

At Tri-Win, delivering great customer service is at the foundation of everything we do. It’s also the catalyst for much more.

When choosing a direct mail company, ask yourself, Do I want a vendor or a superhero?

Can your average vendor take your direct mail campaign, design it with panache, print it with perfect precision, and then deliver it on time and with the lowest possible postage expense?

Would your average vendor take the time to analyze your lists, think of things you may have forgotten, or take care of your project like it was their own?

Could your average vendor offer expert advice and insight at every step of the process?

This is precisely what you can expect from Tri-Win.

We aren’t your average vendor. And even though we may not have x-ray vision or a cape, we work with the best, high-tech equipment possible so we can deliver speed, quality, and excellence. We help streamline your customer lists to rule out duplicates and inaccuracies.

And we pride ourselves on worrying about the details so you don’t have to.

With Tri-Win you have a direct mail superhero. We help you deliver your marketing messages loud and clear, all the while giving you the customer service you deserve.