You may be missing the big picture when it comes to postage. Postage accounts for up to 60 percent of your direct mail costs, but most people don’t realize they have options … and by options, we mean simple strategies that don’t affect delivery dates.

By changing postage variables, such as mailing location and method (co-mingling, co-palletizing, etc., which do not alter the speed of mail delivery), you can reduce the rate you pay on every mailing by $.02 to $.03. Over the course of a month or year, that savings can be significant. For example, if Tri-Win helps you save $2,000 weekly on your direct mail marketing, and you mail four times a month, then over a 12-month period, that’s a savings of $96,000 annually— just on postage. Everything else remains the same—paper, printing, and delivery date.

The savings begins with the Tri-Win Postage Reduction Analysis Program.™ We can help you determine if there are applicable strategies to help you save, or confirm if your current vendor is already applying the best postage rates possible.

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