Go Postal with Tri-Win

By using state-of-the-art software, we prepare your mailing in accordance with the latest U.S. Postal Service requirements, which allows us to pass deep postage discounts directly to you.
We even have our own US Postal clerk, so we can GO POSTAL FOR YOU!

You can rely on our fast turnaround and take advantage of the lowest postage rates available.

Plus, up to date intel from Uncle Sam will help you stay current with information that could impact your mailing!

Increase Business Immediately with Direct Mail Postcards

Even in these days of rapidly changing digital media,  sending a well designed postcard directly to your target market’s mailbox still delivers remarkable results.

The best list acquisition, professionally designed graphics, and a well-planned mailing schedule  create the perfect marketing campaign.

Only direct mail has the ability to target specific demographics, such as home values, household income levels, percentage of homes with children, and radius around a specific location. According to the Direct Mail Association, “direct mail is 10 to 30 times more effective than email for consumer response.”

A well planned mailing can deliver an increase in business almost immediately.

Digital marketing and Direct Mail – great combination!

What is the best way to increase your ROI?  Combining digital marketing and direct mail will increase your ROI. Look at digital advertising and print advertising as two sides of the same coin.

They work very well in tandem. Here are 3 ways to integrate the digital and print marketing to help your bottom line.

1. By combining direct mail and email you get the opportunity to touch a prospect twice to make the critical first impression; their inbox and their mail box. One person my delete unsolicited email (or have their spam filter do it for them), but that same person my look through the mail they receive.

2.  By combining a well developed direct mail campaign, with an equally well developed digital marketing campaign you create an impression of integrity and stability with your prospects.

3. One thing that digital marketing has over direct mail advertising is the ability to change.  Print media should focus on driving people to the web. Use print to build your brand and get prospects to visit you online. Send them to your website, or your social media page. Get them to follow you on Twitter. By using this strategy all of your print materials will have a longer shelf life, and your customers will be able to get the latest information.

Blending direct mail and digital advertising will get a better response versus using one over the other ever time.


Tri-Win offers Every-Door-Direct Mail

Every-Door-Direct Mail is a program offered by the United States Postal Service, and is designed for flats mailers only.

Every Door Direct Marketing targets your mailing by postal carrier route (the area that is covered by one postal employee during their shift); typically from 300 to 600 addresses. The residents within a carrier route generally share some demographic similarities.

Tri-Win can design the piece, print and prepare it, and hand it to our on-site USPS clerk.  No mailing lists or addresses are necessary – just your specified carrier routes.

This program is available for every carrier route in the United States which is why it is called Every Door Direct Mail.

Direct Mail Capabilities

Whatever your direct mail needs are, Tri-Win has the equipment to ensure the success of your mailings.  Check out our equipment list online. You can easily see what our capabilities are.  We have the latest in print and mailing technology, including an in-house postal clerk to speed the process along.  We keep this list updated so you can easily see what we have on hand, and what our capabilities are. You might even get some ideas about what to do for your next direct mail campaign! We’re the Dallas direct mail facility that can do it all. So give us a call today and let’s get started on your next project!