National Marketing Agency Boosts Client’s
Business with Snap Pack Mailers



A national marketing agency with a client specializing in short-term loans and title loans was seeking a direct mail solution that would increase the response rate and gain market share for the client. The agency engaged Tri-Win to print and mail a multiple versioned letter campaign that began in 2012. Within a few months, approximately 300,000 letters were replaced by snap packs as a test. Due to the success of snap packs in terms of response rate, the client incrementally increased the number of snap pack mailers over the next several months. By the end of 2013, the agency was mailing approximately 3.5 million snap packs monthly on behalf of its client and kept the same momentum going for the following year as well.


Business Challenges

The agency needed a way to help its client stand out in the crowded marketplace, and the letter campaign was not as effective as it needed to be from a ROI perspective. The client had spent a tremendous amount of resources on data acquisition and modeling to identify customer segments, and thought a change in mail format could possibly help increase the ROI.


Tri-Win’s Role

Tri-Win was engaged to handle the direct mail production and printing. When the client expressed concern over the response rate from the letter kit, Tri-Win suggested an incremental shift to snap pack mailers. Snap pack mailers, which are pressure-sealed mailers perforated on three sides for ease of opening, are successful because they are designed to look official and give the perception that what’s inside is urgent or valuable. As such, the open rate for snap packs is approximately 95 percent.

Tri-Win worked with the client’s design team to streamline the production process by reducing the number of print shell versions and utilizing variable text and copy versioning. The text versions allow the client to market specific products by state and include other variable data, such as legal disclaimers.

To help the client curb costs even further, Tri-Win recommend the use of snap packs made in house, rather than purchase pre-made packs.

Tri-Win also analyzed the client’s postage spend and determined that a shift in delivery method could equate to significant savings. By using a method known as co-palletization, the client could save pennies on every piece of mail, and because of the sheer volume—21 million pieces were mailed in 2013—the savings would be significant.




The move from the letter kit to snap pack mailer dramatically improved the response rate by approximately 350 percent. In fact, the response was so great that during one month in 2014, the client refrained completely from mailing any snap packs at all because it couldn’t handle the high response volume.

The shift in mail delivery method saved the client approximately 7 percent on each piece. For the two-year period of 2013 through 2014, the client realized an approximate $840,000 in postage savings.



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