Medical Device Company Boosts Seminar Attendance
with Direct Mail Campaign



A physician-run medical device company selling hearing aids and related products needed a way to effectively advertise its regional educational seminars and invite prospects to attend. The seminars are designed to introduce people to hearing aid devices, provide a forum to answer questions related to the device and insurance coverage, and provide a means for inviting prospects to make an appointment with a physician to try the products.

The company typically holds two to six seminars annually in Southern states and markets to prospects with direct mail and newspaper advertisements. The company’s marketing agency engaged Tri-Win to print and mail a letter campaign to more than 50,500 prospects.



Doctor-led seminars have grown in popularity, so the client needed to reach its prospects before the competition. Many potential consumers are also confused about the way hearing aids work and have questions as to whether or not the devices are covered by insurance. As such, the client needed a succinctly written informational letter delivered on time to prospects so they could take advantage of an upcoming seminar to learn more.


Tri-Win’s Role

Tri-Win’s teams printed and mailed the entire letter campaign. Tri-Win leveraged its data management capabilities to allow the data to be sorted for Enhanced Carrier Route discounts, resulting in a significant overall postage savings. Tri-Win also worked with the client’s agency as a consultant to ensure it was using the most cost-effective shipping methods, and recommended the use of drop shipping. Drop shipping allowed Tri-Win to narrow the travel time for each letter to reach the prospect’s mailbox, and allowed the client to better anticipate staffing needs for inbound calls resulting from the campaign.



The results of the campaign included an astounding 562% return on investment. The letter campaign was so successful that there were more than 188 reservations made as a direct result of the letter. Further, the seminar attendees made 67 doctor appointments for hearing aid products.

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