We Have All the Equipment You Need For Dallas Direct Mail

One of the best machines we have in our facility is our key affixer. This machine will affix
a key or magnet to your direct mail piece, which can add a lot of extra impact to your piece when it
reaches your customers. Imagine being able to send your customers a magnet that will keep your
contact information in front of them all year round! Watch the video of this machine in action. It’s a
great machine, and shows just one of the things we can help you with when it comes to your Dallas
direct mail campaigns.

The Newest Print Technology for Our Direct Mailing Services

We know about the newest print technologies because we own them! We invest in the
best print technology available because we know it makes a better finished product for your, and more
efficient direct mailing services for us. We produce better direct mail pieces faster. To see a complete
list of the equipment we’re currently using, visit our website. Check out the videos and see some of our
equipment in action! You’ll see for yourself the variety of services we can provide.

Want The Best In Dallas Direct Mail Services? Check Our References!

We can tell you all day long that we’re the best, but nothing speaks louder than a referral
from happy and satisfied customers. Check out our references page and see for yourself what people
are saying about our Dallas direct mail company. We’ve helped people save time and money, and we
consider that a huge success. But more importantly, people say that our staff goes above and beyond
their expectations and goes the extra mile to meet the customer’s needs. You should always expect
great customer service from Tri-Win! Take a look at our references, then give us a call and we’ll tell you
how we can help your next direct mail project succeed.

Why We’re Leaders In The Direct Mailing Services Industry

The name Tri-Win is based on our belief that being successful in any business is dependent
on the community, the corporation, and the customer all winning. There should be no losers in this
three-way partnership! We help our community win by providing jobs and career growth to the people
in the community, as well as striving to make sure we take measures to be environmentally friendly. Our
customers win through our attention to every detail of their direct mail projects, and having a partner in
their business that care about their marketing success. And our corporation wins because we get to do
this every day! This is a business we care a lot about, and we care about the success of our community
and customers. Call us for your direct mailing services needs and experience the Tri-Win difference for

Direct Mailing Services with a Commitment to Sustainability

When Tri-Win was started 13 years ago, we knew we wanted to have direct mailing
services with a commitment to sustainability. That’s why we’ve taken steps over the years
to make sure we’re doing what we can to use environmental resources responsibly. We are an
Energy Star partner with the EPA and are committed to upgrading our equipment to be more
energy efficient when possible. We’ve also taken part in an aggressive recycling program
since 2008, as well as offering high-quality recycled papers to our clients. You can read more
about our commitment to sustainability here. Have questions about what we’re doing for the
environment? Give us a call! We love to show how direct mail services can combine with a love
for the environment.

Demography Is Key to Survival

By Bruce Britt

An author and internationally respected demography expert, Kenneth W. Gronbach has spent years crunching numbers to determine how marketers can reach across generational divides to appeal to the broadest audience possible. But statistical calculations aside, Gronbach says, he finds the clearest proof of what works in a much more familiar place: his family’s mailbox.

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