Build Clients with Direct Mail

Direct Mail is an effective and efficient way to build your clientele.  Whether your clients are in Dallas, nationwide, or global,  contact the direct mail experts at Tri-Win Mailing Services to decide which format works best for your target market. Direct mail advertising also works to build customer loyalty. Research shows that 68% of customers that leave a company do so because the “company never contacted them; was indifferent, or had a poor attitude.”  So, once you have established your customer base, don’t forget to stay in touch!   Let your customers know they are important by sending a personalized note using the variable data printing process.  We will show you how to make the best impact for your dollar.  Let us help you build and maintain your customers with mailing services at Tri-win.

Snap Packs – a cost effective direct mail campagn

We are your on- stop shop for snap packs. Also known as snap mailers, snap paks, or snap pressure sealed mailers, these are cost effective marketing pieces.

We offer turn key service for snap packs and any other direct mail campaign.  We will design, print and cut postage costs to the bare minimum; while you gather people to handle all the incoming calls!

Come take a look at our new facilities; and meet the people you can always trust with your business.

Find Direct Mailing Services to Meet Your Needs

Choosing to find a direct mailing service that will meet your needs could be a long process. With Tri-Win Direct, it’s easy! Our team an offer mailing sorting services and a variety of others. Visit us online to find a full list of the services we offer.

Direct customers to your door with direct mail

In today’s world, consumers have a myriad of options for nearly every service known to man.  The trick is to capture the attention of your target market, and direct them into YOUR door, and NOT door #2.

One very effective tool available is a direct mail postcard campaign with Tri-Win Direct Mail.

They are  your turnkey solution for direct mail marketing.  With specialized mailing lists, creative design, efficient printing and an in-house postal clerk, Tri-Win will see your mailers through with speed and accuracy.

Stay ahead of the competition, gain market share, and grow your business with the power of direct marketing at Tri-win.

Plan your next Direct Mail piece with Tri-Win

Let Tri-Win manage your direct mail project – start to finish.  We will produce your mailer from start to finish, applying our years of expertise to each detail!  No need to reinvent the (design) wheel or worry about your postage rate.  We will do that for you in the most effective, efficient and cost-cutting way.

We are a full service, direct mail company, with all the knowledge and skills to produce and mail your marketing campaign.  Our in-house designers, unparalleled production staff, and postal experts will provide a turn key solution for your next direct mail piece!


You’ve Found the Best with Our Dallas Direct Mailing Service

These days, there are quite a few businesses offering you the best in Dallas direct mail.  However, only one is truly able to promise such expectations. At Tri-Win Direct you’ll find high quality equipment that will aid our professional staff in completing your needs. As we strive to provide you with the best customer experience, we will exceed your expectations. Whether you need your mail sorted, or another task, we’re the guys for the job.  Contact us for your direct mailing needs.

Don’t let statment mailings get you down!

Have you had it up to “here” with your statement mailings? Maybe you just don’t know where to turn for help?  Contact any of the Tri-Win seasoned sales people for help.  Depend on the people who know this business inside and out, and from start to finish.  Whether a monthly, or quarterly statement, or an donor appeal, we will treat you like family.  We can integrate large amounts of data with pinpoint accuracy, print and insert your statements with lightning speed, and whittle your postage costs to the bone.

Don’t let statements get the best of you.  Take advantage of our collective years of experience.  And be a part of the Tri=Win family.