Your company culture impacts the service you provide to clients. Employees who feel validated, supported, and empowered by their employer are likely to transfer those positive messages along to customers in every interaction, every touch point. This trickle-down approach not only helps employees do their part in structuring a cohesive, healthy company, but it also helps strengthen its reputation—and bottom line. After all, happy clients will likely become repeat clients.

Tri-Win’s company culture is shaped by several positive ideas. You could call them belief statements, really… ideals that we all agree on and strive to remember and follow. First and foremost, we believe in protecting faith, family, health, and friends. The rest of our beliefs center around being honest and truthful, accountable and creative, and the fact that it’s only fair that the best idea wins. There are more, but this is a good representation.

From the president to the part-time staff, we all share in the idea that it’s imperative to value others and be thankful and humble. This could be part of why employees stay with Tri-Win year after year. Plus, we have an annual bowling competition. Fun stuff doesn’t hurt either.