In our super high-tech, social media obsessed world, some marketers think in terms of snazzy instead of sound. What we mean is that while there’s a distinct need to communicate marketing messages in innovative ways—social media posts, online platforms, email blasts, digital advertisements, etc.— there’s also a strong need to talk to customers in a personalized, interesting, 3D kind of way. This is where direct mail comes in.

Direct mail can be highly targeted, precisely customized, and personalized. This communication tool can take on infinite forms, sizes, and shapes. You can manipulate the feel of the paper with texture, and even add aromas, too. With the right design and copy, direct mail makes an impact and impression that drives business and the bottom line.

Direct mail is literally delivered into the hands of the recipient, providing a tactile experience that e-mail, broadcast, and social media can’t (pardon the pun) touch.

You can’t delete direct mail, opt out of it, turn it off, or mute it. It can’t be channel-surfed or fast forwarded, either. When you look at what makes direct mail unique, it’s the very characteristics we as consumers want: succinct information delivered in an easy-to-understand, visually interesting package that we can experience in real time … in person!

We’re all on the same page when it comes to the need to take an omnichannel approach to marketing. A mix of radio, TV, newspaper, magazine, social media, email, and online marketing tools and formats will help to cast a wide net. At Tri-Win, our message is that direct mail is an effective, viable, efficient marketing tool. Marketers who say direct mail is outdated aren’t thinking with a modern mindset. Direct mail is alive and well, thank you. And your competitors are most likely using it right now to boost their business.

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