Modern marketing embodies the best of many channels, from print to broadcast. In a recent report sponsored by Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and consultant Winterberry Group, (which you can read more about here,) the researchers corroborated the fact that marketing professionals believe in the power of having an omnichannel approach to reaching customers and prospects. And, as all of us at Tri-Win already know, direct mail is an integral, effective, component of the overall strategy. Direct mail can serve as an introduction, drive online traffic, or facilitate a storefront activity by offering coupons, special offers, or timely information.

The effectiveness of direct mail has long been studied, and although new technology calls its relevance into question from time to time, its place as a marketing tool is always validated. For example, in an article called “Print’s Not Dead: Print Marketing Will Thrive in 2014 and Beyond,” the reporter explains that nearly half of all retail advertising dollars spent last year were for direct mail campaigns. What will the figure be for 2014? If the way marketing trends have shifted are any indication, the reliance on direct mail marketing will remain steady.

So why is it that, in the midst of all of the high-tech, super cool advertising and marketing tools, direct mail is still so popular? As the “Print” article points out, one of the key reasons is because direct mail offers the ability for marketers to customize the message. With variable printing, clients can reach their customers and prospects with a personal flair that begins with name and ends wherever the imagination can go. When a consumer is researching a new provider, vendor, or business, those little touches can go a long way to converting a prospect into a client.

Direct mail is also an effective channel for cross marketing. Providing relevant ancillary information by driving traffic online with an augmented reality app such as Arasma, is another way to hook a client, foster loyalty, and, at the same time, look really cool.

Direct mail by be old school, but it’s got a new cool.