A new report has indicated that direct mail remains the source of most charitable donations, though it is important for non-profit organisations to embrace multi-channel strategies.

Developed by Blackbaud’s Target Analytics company, the study found that although multi-channel giving has become a common objective of not-for-profits, it is not yet being widely practiced.

According to the research, the only donors who do significant multi-channel giving are new supporters acquired online.

However, a large proportion of these donors were found to move across the direct mail giving in subsequent years, highlighting the importance of a multi-channel approach.

Rob Harris, Target Analytics’ director of analytic products, said: “The internet is becoming an increasingly important acquisition channel but has not proven to be as effective for retention.”

The study revealed that the majority of gifts are still received through direct mail. Donors acquired online were found to give much larger gifts but generally have slightly lower retention rates.

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