Don’t get bogged down in the minutia of postcard mailing.  Team up with Tri-Win to take advantage of the USPS Every-Door-Direct-Mail (EDDM) program.

Mail postcards on the cheap,  compared to traditional direct mail campaigns.  Any sized postcards, as long as you stay within the postal guidelines, will mail for the same low price.

No mailing list is required.  EDDM delivers to every door on the postal routes you choose.

Unsure of your design?  Let our in-house designer create one for you.   No need to guess what is effective – we have years of experience in hundreds of industries.  We know what gets results in your industry.

Don’t get mixed up with the wrong crowd –  This special USPS/EDDM permit also ensures that your EDDM pieces are mailed separately from the mass of “circulars” that can be unpopular.

EDDM is a low-cost way to tell people about your grand opening, your weekend sale, or your special offer .  Contact Tri-Win for more information.