No doubt you’ve received your share of postcards from politicians and political organizations vying for support. And while campaign fundraising may seem to largely take place at fancy galas and online sites, direct mail marketing is an effective way to facilitate donations and boost the overall success of a candidate’s campaign. As this post at points out, direct mail is the “easiest and most frequently used form of advertising” when it comes political moves, from introducing a candidate to campaigning for votes. Case in point: Politico says politicians have spent more than $150 million in direct mail marketing so far in 2014 (including postage and printing costs)—and the year isn’t over.

Direct mail is overwhelmingly successful in communicating a candidate’s stats or information related to a specific issue or platform. Further, as the abovementioned Politico article states, they are also used as a supplementary marketing tool to reinforce a television ad or radio spot.

Did you know that 523 million pieces of mail are processed daily by the U.S. Postal Service? Many of those 523 million pieces are direct mail postcards, brochures, snap packs, and more. Why? Because direct mail gets noticed. In fact, this article says that direct mail has a 25 percent response rate. While the stat isn’t broken down by industry or format (postcard vs. snap pack mailer, for example), it demonstrates the power of direct mail as a marketing tool. And it’s one that political engines are counting on to gain your support.

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