The digital age is all about faster, better, more ubiquitous communication so you can reach more customers and gain market share. Across any channel you’re using to advertise, market, and tell your business story, one rule rings true: You won’t gain a thing if your message isn’t received. If you’re using online ads to reach customers and prospects, you will undoubtedly be surprised to learn that more than half of all Internet display ads are never seen at all, according to Google. In the article, “56% of Digital Ads Served Are Never Seen, Says Google,” published at, Google reports that these ads don’t show up in the browser’s viewable area, and that means more than half of all businesses paying for the space are getting zero ROI.

As more opportunities for technology-based marketing advance, marketers are smart to learn about new and exciting options, tools, and platforms for reaching their target audiences. However, in the midst of the latest ballyhooed platform or hyped technology, we advise you to keep one thing in mind: Direct mail has stood the test of time because it works. It has what’s referred to as the “sticky” factor, meaning, it can’t be deleted, turned off, or fast forwarded. Direct mail is a tangible marketing tool that delivers focused, precise information to an audience in a way that provides a visual, tactile, and emotional experience.

Tri-Win has been assisting companies with direct mail solutions for 18 years, and we have seen first-hand just how effective it is as a business-boosting tool. From postcards to snap pack mailers, direct mail is efficient, affordable, and agile. And most importantly, direct mail reaches your target audience, rather than wander aimlessly around cyber space.