Particularly among the small business sector, most branding strategies include a direct mail marketing component. Although often touted as out-of-date or overshadowed by its social media counterparts, direct mail is still an important aspect of marketing that firms should not neglect.

One way for a company to boost its return on investment is to link up its more traditional marketing methods – including direct mail – with digital advertising techniques to capture early adopters of technology.

Both the United States Post Office and the UK’s Royal Mail are promoting quick response codes through new consumer engagement initiatives. For example, as part of a USPS campaign this summer, mailers who include a QR code on their direct pieces will receive a 3 percent discount.

In the UK, marketers are offered “enhanced” services via a digital watermark, which functions in the same way as a QR code.

“This solution combines the strengths of the post and the internet. Digital watermarking technology means that a leaflet or mailing can open the door to a journey in the online world,” Dave Smith, Royal Mail’s chief customer officer, told the Telegraph. “By using this technology, businesses can ensure their mail campaigns are as effective as possible by linking directly to their websites, videos and even social network pages.”

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