When consumers receive a direct mail package, they often look at the design of the materials or the value of the offer. This leads many companies to spend a lot of time developing the creative aspects of their print marketing initiatives.

However, as Contracting Business recently suggested, it’s just as vital for companies to consider mailing lists as well. Relevant lists can help get products and services in front of the right people. For example, an apartment owner in New York City won’t buy lawn care products even if the sender is offering a great discount and has an eye-catching package.

“If you know the demographic and the psychographic of your customer, you can order a mailing list of very specific people to whom you should send your marketing materials,” explains the source.

Conversely, if a company is just trying to develop a broader awareness, they could use the saturation mailing service that the United States Postal Services offers. Whether it’s catalogs, brochures or other print materials, saturation mailing can help businesses reach as many as 90 percent of residential areas within a single ZIP code.

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Originally posted on overnightprints.com by Mark Haslan