While it is true that baby boomers tend to respond more to direct mail and print marketing initiatives than younger generations, it is important for small businesses to recognize that this older age group is fairly engaged with the internet.

According to Greg Bayer, of the marketing network Adknowledge, more than three-quarters of baby boomers – roughly 78 percent – are online. What’s more, they spend approximately 39 hours per months using the internet.

Additionally, people aged 46-65 also contribute the largest portion of consumer spending – approximately $2 trillion.

The web and related mobile channels represent a vast marketing potential that businesses should bear in mind when developing marketing strategies. Of course, it is also important to incorporate a broad, multi-channel approach that includes print, direct mail and web, among other mediums.

“Since baby boomers represent a substantial and often untapped gold mine, make sure you lavish sufficient attention on this demographic. In order to succeed in reaching this audience, make boomers feel good about themselves by engaging their desire to maintain a youthful and active lifestyle while remaining financially independent,” Bayer writes.

Originally posted on www.123print.com by EVELYN BRANDT

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