Snap pack mailers are one of the most prolific and effective types of direct mail ever–in the history of the direct mail industry. You may not know them by name, but you know them by experience. These pieces are pressure sealed and perforated on three sides for quick and easy opening. Often they look official or important, and they get a near 100 percent open rate because curiosity—and possibility of finding something valuable inside—is always just a quick tear away. In marketing, there are no guarantees, unless you’re referring to the open rate of snap packs. By most industry expert accounts, snap packs are almost universally opened.


The benefits of Snap Packs

The messaging in a snap pack is short, candid and gets right to the point. This format typically doesn’t call for intricate design or heavy aesthetics because it’s the format itself that generates interest. Snap packs are also a perfect format for variable printing. They’re used regularly for communications such as account statements, warranties, credit card offers, dividend checks, delivery notices, medical statements, refinance offers, and even year-end 1099 forms.

Have you received a snap pack mailer lately?

Snap pack mailers have become such a popular, cost-effective form of direct mail marketing that Tri-Win launched Snap Pack Mailing, a division dedicated to creating, printing, processing, and mailing via this unique format. Our clients get all of the consistent benefits as they would with Tri-Win direct mail services—data modeling, postal optimization, creative, production, etc.—and have their own dedicated account manager to assist with every snap pack  mail campaign.

Let us know how we can assist you with snap pack mailing. You’ll see what we mean when we call it “marketing’s sure thing.”