If you ever wonder how effective, impactful, and important print marketing is, consider the fact that, according to expert research, 79 percent of consumers pay attention to direct mail. Printed pieces have a value proposition that can’t be touched by digital messaging: they are tangible assets. According to this article, 80 percent of all printed mail is opened—more than four times as often as email messages, which have an open rate of about 20 percent.  Year after year, print marketing has proven to be one of the most effective ways to reach a target audience.

Proponents of the “digital only” strategy may say that print marketing is outdated, isn’t environmentally friendly, or lacks the cool factor. (These critics obviously haven’t seen our recent “Super Hero” campaign!) Print marketing can be cutting edge, avant garde, and impactful with the right messaging, creative elements, and print strategy. And while the green angle is an easy target for critics, it’s important to remember that most print shops, like Tri-Win Direct, employ sustainable practices. According to Print Is Big, 70 percent of all direct mail is printed on recycled paper. The site also quotes the fact that “Forestry is the most sustainable of all new energy and materials industries.” This means that our forests can be regenerated year after year.

For most organizations, one marketing channel doesn’t always achieve every business objective or reach every prospect. This is why a multi-channel approach is often the most advantageous. But even in the fast-paced digital landscape, direct mail marketing has a substantial reach and impact. And no matter how many new online technologies catch on, or how many Websites and apps are available to reach clients and consumers, people like the hands-on experience of direct mail. Modern marketing leverages the power of social media and online strategies, but to make a lasting impression, remember that print marketing is here to stay.