Direct mail marketing was responsible for more than $2 trillion in sales in 2012, which translated into a whopping 8.7 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product, according to the CMO Council. The same source reports that a majority of people prefer direct mail over email for local business and bank marketing.

While there’s no denying the power, convenience, and creativity of direct mail marketing, there’s also another piece to the equation: leveraging even greater ROI from your direct mail campaign. The key lies in curbing postage costs.

As postage rates continue to climb in response to the U.S. Postal Service’s fight to operate in the black (read more here), businesses using direct mail marketing have to be smart about reining in costs associated with getting the mailers from point A to point B. It has become incumbent upon the direct mail partner to help you mitigate expenses, which most often can be accomplished by analyzing your mailing lists and postal delivery methods.

Tri-Win Direct works side-by-side with clients to see where there are opportunities to save on the variables related to postage. From the method we use to ship your direct mail, to the way we screen and scrub mailing lists to identify duplicates and correct mistakes, we have several stopgaps in place that are designed to save time and money. The result is a more streamlined direct mail marketing campaign that still reaches your target audience on time, just in a way that’s friendlier to your ROI.

If you ask the question, “Who’s going to help me curb postage costs?” you’ll get an enthusiastic show of hands from Tri-Win. That’s because we’re driven to help customers realize the greatest ROI possible. It’s the way we do business.