Direct mail has been a popular part of the marketing mix for decades.   Why?  When executed correctly, direct mail pieces can yield a much higher response rate than other forms of marketing.   Direct mail isn’t just limited to letters or postcards.   For example, membership cards, brochures and promotional items can also be mailed.
If you are considering direct mail in your business, here are 4 reasons that direct mail should be a part of your marketing strategy.

1) Targeted Audience
Use your own mailing list or purchase one of ours – sending mail to a specific audience will get you the results you desire.   Lists can be explicit by not only geographical data, but also by options such as gender, ethnicity, income and buying interests.   Increase response rates and improve ROI by using direct mail to target only those prospects that you want to do business with or who have already indicated an interest in your service or product.

2) Personalization
Use personalization to speak directly to an individual, not to an entire mailing list. With digital printing, each mailing can be unique to the recipient.  These personalized messages can include references to past purchases, certain product or service preferences, personal interests, and even personalized promotional offers.  This kind of relevance drives increased response rates.

3) Brand Awareness
Direct mail can be used to effectively build brands.  Utilizing a series of mail pieces with your logo and colors will put your business’ messages right into the homes of your audience.

4) Measurable results
By coding your mailings, you can track results easily.  Tracking methods include, but are not limited to:  offer numbers, coupons, bar codes, phone numbers and even personal URLs.  Tracking can capture those that display an interest in your product, first time purchasers and subsequent orders.