Statement Mailing got you down?

So, your business is growing, and you’ve got the tiger by the tail.  You’re not sure you want to spend your time and resources sending out statements month after month?

Tri-Win Direct mail services has state of the art software and machinery; along with the kidd glove attention your needs.  We can take on your statements, your direct mail campaign, and even your list research to maximize your ROI.

Let us keep your capital coming in, without pulling your hair out.

Your best friend in Direct Mail

Tri Win helps you influence your target market customer base with direct mail, practical printing solutions and postage rates cut to the bone. Done correctly, direct mail communicates efficiently and elevates your sales.  We are your business partner, not just your vendor.

We work quickly and efficiently to get your job done and delivered on time, every time.  Leave all the direct mail details to us, your new direct mail best friend.

Our Direct Mailing Services Can Make Your Life Easier

When trying to make your life a little easier, contact us for help! With our direct mailing services, your life will be streamlined. We have the ability to organize your mail, offer the best possible sorting services, and so much more. Don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible. Visit us online to request your free quote.

Repetition works. Repetition works.

Direct mail marketing provides a higher return on investment (ROI) than any other means of advertising.

And in this marketing venue, repetition is a HUGE marketing plus. Think about this: How many times have you turned on the television to watch a 30 minute show and seen the same commercial four times? How about when you see the same commercial twice in a row?! No, this is not an accident. Major advertisers know the power of hearing the same message more than once in a short time span.

Repetitive and frequent postcard mailings are an effective and efficient way to grow your market share, and your bottom line. Contact Tri-win Direct to get started on your postcard campaign today!

Trust Us With Your Direct Mailing Services for the Best Results

When it comes to your business, you’ll want to project a professional and put together firm. With Tri-Win Direct, that is completely possible! As we offer the best and most efficent direct mailing services in the industry, you’ll be pleased with the results. Don’t hesitate to contact us for your mail sorting needs! Visit us online for a full list of the services we offer.

Design, insert, address and mail

Tri-Win is the only place you’ll need to launch a successful direct mail campaign.   We have in house design staff to produce your design; or we can take it from our inbox to your customer’s mailbox.

Browse our designs, or upload your own, and we will take it from there. We can produce your postcards, snap packs, billing statements,  or contribution campaign efficiently, and cost effectively.  Contact Tri-Win Direct Mail for the best solution for your direct mail projects.

Increase your market share with Tri-Win Direct Marketing

In today’s market, every customer contact must be carefully planned to achieve the maximum return on your investment.

Tri-Win direct mail specializes in delivering direct marketing programs that result in measurable market share increases for our clients nationwide. From program development, list selection; to creative, production, mailing and fulfillment, we offer you a highly innovative, one-stop resource for targeted marketing and direct mail programs. From snap pack mailers to postcards, we produce it all.

We can help you identify, acquire and retain customers for the long term.  Appeal personally with  variable messaging and the latest digital technology. From concept to completion, we tackle your toughest direct marketing challenges, delivering superior results that meet your budget, your timeframe and your customers’ unique needs.

Door to Door Postcards

Don’t get bogged down in the minutia of postcard mailing.  Team up with Tri-Win to take advantage of the USPS Every-Door-Direct-Mail (EDDM) program.

Mail postcards on the cheap,  compared to traditional direct mail campaigns.  Any sized postcards, as long as you stay within the postal guidelines, will mail for the same low price.

No mailing list is required.  EDDM delivers to every door on the postal routes you choose.

Unsure of your design?  Let our in-house designer create one for you.   No need to guess what is effective – we have years of experience in hundreds of industries.  We know what gets results in your industry.

Don’t get mixed up with the wrong crowd –  This special USPS/EDDM permit also ensures that your EDDM pieces are mailed separately from the mass of “circulars” that can be unpopular.

EDDM is a low-cost way to tell people about your grand opening, your weekend sale, or your special offer .  Contact Tri-Win for more information.


Grammar Matters in Direct Mail

We have all seen advertisements containing various grammatical errors.
These errors may be entertaining, but they aren’t selling anything. Grammatical mistakes make you look incompetent. They don’t instill trust in you, and it is embarrassing for the company. So why are these issues so prevalent in advertising (especially small business advertising)?
The number one reason is that business owners are too busy. If left to write their own copy on ads, it usually isn’t effective or pretty.
The whole point of advertising is to communicate with your audience. There is no point sending out poor communication which makes you appear less than competent.
Take the time to read, proof read and allow the experts at Tri-Win to check your work!

Let Us Handle Your Mailing Lists with Our Dallas Direct Mailing Services!

If you’ve been trying to find the best possible way to minimize your work associated to your direct mailing services, we can help. At Tri-Win Direct, you’ll find a full service company ready to help you sort your mailing list, print cards, and so much more. Because we strive to offer only the best and fastest services, your experience with us will be delightful! Browse our site for a full list of the services we offer to get started as soon as possible! After working with us, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start earlier!