By: Lindsey Graham

Small businesses may want to put more of their business marketing efforts into direct mail, as the medium has recently witnessed significant growth after spending several years on the decline. 

According to a report revealed by the Winterberry Group, direct mail advertising sales saw a 3.1 percent increase in 2010, compared to its 20 percent decline from the three years prior. This figure is expected to increase further next year to 5.8 percent, Medill Reports noted, a boost that experts attribute to a rebounding economy.

“As companies see the economy turning around, they tend to increase their spending on marketing, because so many of them have cut back their spending during the recession,” Bob Lieber, CEO of marketing strategy and services firm Original Thought told the source.

This news could be beneficial to the United States Postal Service, which has been fighting to regain growth and draw in new direct mail advertisers via beefed up marketing and advertising campaigns.

According to the source, the rise may be due to the fact that many consumers’ email inboxes are filled with an overwhelming number of messages. Due to this, many opt not to open them and instead choose to delete them. Therefore, it may be easier to target consumers with a piece of correspondence that they can hold in their hands and interact with directly.

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